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A dream started 50 years ago

Our story began over 50 years ago when, as little more than a boy, Pietro Regazzo started work in a grocerystore, of once upon a time, where coffee was sold loose by weight. This is when coffee flavour came into his life.He decided to specialize in becoming a master roaster and within a short time opened his own coffee shop:that is how Errepi was born with the Mokastella brand.

craftsman quality

The selection we make of the still green beans, blending the various species, the art of roasting, everything is still done as it once was, in a traditional way. Once roasted, our coffee is sold within 8/10 days to guarantee you the product’s best freshness and quality.

where our passion originates from

In 1966 Pietro turns his passion into a profession. Together with a partner he founded Errepì Torrefazione,in the magnificent town of Piazzola sul Brenta, located along the River Brenta where the Villa Contarinistands: undisputed symbol of Venetian civilization and of the glories of the Serenissima Republic. His son,Mario, took over the company in 1992, and carries on his father’s craft production philosophy with thefocus on innovation.

flavours and tastes to be enjoyed

Flavours that come from distant lands, tropical countries with exotic charm; FarEastern tastes and spicy fl avours come alive with every sip of your favouritecoffff ee, to gift you each time a diffff erent and pleasing taste.

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