Pods Ese 44 mm. Blend used “Ora” 80% Arabica


Blend used “ORA” – 80% Arabica
Espresso blend awarded at the International
Coffee Tasting 2015 and 2019
We use the best Arabica origins from Brazil (natural), Central America (washed), India (washed), Robusta from India (washed) and Africa (Natural)

Boxes of 50 Pods of 7.5 Gr.


Blend ORA
– Medium roasting for Italian espresso.
– Each origin roasted separately and then mixed
– Balanced taste, Sweet with slight acidity present
– Aromas of honey, dried fruit, good toasted
– Medium/High Body
– Persistence: Good


ESE paper pods 44 mm.


Boxes of 50 Pods of 7.5 Gr.

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